ABCC host Eid celebration

Networking event marks Feast of Breaking the Fast which signals the end of Ramadan

The Asian Business Chamber of Commerce held a major networking event which also marked the celebration of Eid ul Fitr, or Feast of Breaking the Fast, signalling the end of the holy month of Ramadan. Held at the National Conference Centre, it was attended by 250 business people. Speakers included Andrew Mitchell of RBS West Midlands who talked about the challenges faced by family enterprises. The event was sponsored by Talent Match, which helps long-term unemployed young adults find jobs, Mahirs and the National Conference Centre.

Photograph by Jas Sansi


  1. Zaheer Afzal, Greg Lowson, Paul, Rachel Northam, Saqib Bhatti, John English, Daina Anderson, Tracey O’Brien, Waheed Saleem, Andrew Mitchell
  2. Angela Irvine, Susan Sanhi , Indi Deol, Charanjit Kaur, Ash Chowdhury
  3. Bina Sitaram, Shamus Mahmood, Rachel Northam
  4. Raaj Shamji, Cllr Waseem Zaffar, Anjum Khan, Dr Mashuq Ally
  5. Caroline Anson, Lorraine Frances
  6. Corabeth Pearsall, Zara Goodwin, Laura Davies, Anita Champaneri
  7. Iqbal Mohammed, Lubna Laheria, Sarfarz Hussain
  8. Steve Brittan, Dee Kundi, Waheed Saleem, Rozeena Mahatay
  9. Jonathan Carter, Richard Parks